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Since 2014, Bumblebee Photography has become one of Destin and 30A’s most sought after photography services for families and couples alike. From providing consistent, professional quality work, to receiving RAVING client reviews, to maintaining a constant (organic) presence on the first page of Google; I built a small business that not only is my ultimate Dream job in terms of creativity and day-to-day happiness and fulfillment, but one that allows me to create my own hours and earn far more than I did in any other “real job” I had after college. And I did it in less than a year.

I can honestly say I’ve built my Bumblebee Photography from the ground up. I decided one day I wanted to start a photography business because I hated my job, so I did. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing and several years of sales experience, but this.. This was something WAY out of my comfort zone. Since then, I’ve experienced the hard learned do’s and don’ts, wasted money on gear and editing software I didn’t need, learned when to schedule sessions for the best ambient light, watched a million YouTube videos and the most important of all… figured out how to make my clients HAPPY. I’ve also learned how to get those ‘Pinterest-worthy’ shots: Click here to see “Beach Maternity Announcements” on Pinterest and Hollaaa…. You’ll see several of my photos pop up. 😉

Today I continually attract clients I love, receive more business inquiries than I can accept, and have created a process from the the moment a booking inquiry comes through to the moment I deliver digital images after a session. My business has grown exponentially each year, and over time I have learned to maximize my time (most important lesson learned to date) while continually attracting new and repeat clients, all while increasing my rates more than 7-fold in 3 years.

With Mentoring, I offer an Ask All, Tell All environment where we either break out our gear and shoot away, or chat over coffee while digging into what you need to learn to chase your own dreams. I truly believe ‘a rising tide lifts all boats’ (shoutout to JFK), and know for a FACT that there is enough business and enough success out there for ALL of us; we just have to get after it and blaze our own trail amongst the competition.

You join my me during a real session and shoot right alongside me. BYOG – Bring your own gear. 😉 We’ll discuss posing, putting clients at ease, time management during the session for the best lighting scenarios, tips and tricks for working with little ones… The list goes on. $300


CoffeeOk, so chill really isn’t accurate, unless you prefer your coffee iced. *Ba-da-bah!* Bad jokes ARE included. 😉 We meet for caffeine of your choice and discuss any and all questions you bring to the table. As mentioned, I literally decided one day I wanted to start a business and even though I had no experience and knew only the BARE essentials when it came to working a DSLR… I took the biggest step. I began. In less than a year I owned my own business, worked for myself full-time at 26, and OH YEAH, began making a happy living. Let’s discuss what’s holding YOU back.  $200

I have been uplifted by others, hired mentors, reached out when I needed guidance, attended workshops with the best, and am here to offer insight only experience can provide. I have personally learned from awesome local mentors to industry legends like Jasmine Star, and would love to help you succeed, too.

So c’mon, use the contact form above and introduce yourself! I promise I will greet you with a hug! Whether you’re contemplating purchasing your first DLSR/pro lens or are already steadfast in the game; know that I am here to help you reach YOUR goals!